William B. Tabler Company, Inc.
1331 South 15th Street
Louisville, KY 40210


Eric Boggess


Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the the University of Kentucky and has held multiple positions with the Tabler Company over a 25 year term. He runs the day-to-day operations of the company, but still actively participates in sales.
Director of Technology & Sales – Resins & Resin Modifiers
James (Bill) Watkins


Bill received degrees in both Chemistry and Biology from the University of Louisville. He worked for thirteen years as a development chemist at Celanese in Louisville. Research areas were epoxies, high solids acrylics, and urethanes with substantial waterborne experience. He worked on synthesis, applications, and tech service for products in automotive, general industrial, and can coatings markets and has received multiple patents. He has been with Tabler over nineteen years and coordinates resin sales and marketing for Tabler. Bill covers southwestern Ohio, northern KY and the eastern MO areas for Tabler.