William B. Tabler Company, Inc.
1331 South 15th Street
Louisville, KY 40210


For over 75 years, the William B. Tabler Company has served the coatings, plastics, rubber, adhesives, food, pharmaceutical and many other industries as a manufacturer’s agent and distributor.  During this time, the Tabler Company has established a reputation as a respected supplier of raw materials, equipment and other specialized services to our customers.  In addition, we are known for the technical expertise and often unique solutions we bring to our customers as they strive to produce both high quality and cost effective products for their specific markets.

The Tabler Company was founded in 1933 by the gentleman whose name the company still bears.  Initially, the company was very small, with only one or two sales representatives and office personnel.  Inventories were maintained at public warehouses in Louisville, Indianapolis and Memphis.

In 1962, James D. Boggess joined Mr. Tabler as a chemist and salesman for the solvent division which was part of the company at that time.  When the solvent division was sold a few years later, Jim Boggess moved up to Vice President and General Manager.  After Mr. Tabler’s passing, Jim Boggess became the President and owner of the William B. Tabler Company and directed much of the subsequent growth of the company since that time. This growth has taken the Tabler Company into many new markets and technologies and the company has aggressively pursued both new Principals and new applications in an ever-changing business scene.

In 1986, Jim Boggess’ son, Eric Boggess, joined the company as a technical sales representative and was later promoted to Vice President and General Manager. Eric Boggess later moved into the roll of President of the company.